Healing, the Archetypes, and Patterns of Wholeness

Healing, the Archetypes, and Patterns of Wholeness Carl Jung said healing happens when one is put in right relationship to the archetypes—or patterns of wholeness. All true healing systems incorporate the process of putting the patient back in touch with these patterns. My spiritual teacher, Norma T., whose teachings I discuss much more fully in… Read more »

Peaches and Memories

Peaches and Memories I didn’t expect for us both to end up in tears. I only meant for him to sign his broadsides that I had just bought for my brother, sisters, and me, a gift to commemorate the sale of our four generation family farm. The broadside, entitled We Farm Memories,  hit a particularly poignant note. David Mas Masumoto… Read more »

The Definition of Agriculture in Napa County

Monday, August 24, 2015, was the last meeting of APAC, the Agricultural Protection Adversary Committee, a committee composed of 17 citizens from various environmental, government, wine industry, and citizen groups, appointed by the Napa County Board of Supervisors. The object was to make recommendations on proposed changes to the Winery Definition Ordinance (WDO) about  visitation and events centers and the inclusion… Read more »

Review: A Shepherd’s Life

Books come when you need them. For me, The Shepherd’s Life: Modern Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape, by James Rebanks, is such a book. Rebanks is the descendent of an ancient  generational lineage of shepherds in the Lake District of Northern England. He writes about his childhood growing up as the inheritor of the tradition of… Read more »

August: The Fifth Season

August: The Fifth Season In California, August is a kind of fallow month. The following excerpt from Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation tells why: Ash and the Fifth Season In the Mediterranean-like climate of the Napa Valley, there is a period of summer dormancy that has is often called the fifth season. The grasses are… Read more »

Eating Locally

Eating Locally You would have thought I had just brewed a poison tea. Half of my writing group scoffed at the Douglas fir tea that I had just made. I had picked the tender fir tips from several young trees on our walk earlier, committed to having at least one item from the retreat land where our… Read more »

Forest Buddha

The Forest Buddha sits just outside the gate on the western most reach of the vineyard and lavender field (Lot Sophia). Each day I walk the goats, we pass the Buddha. He amplifies a quiet place in my soul, reminding me of why I am on earth. The goats remind me, too, in their much more… Read more »

Old Friends

Old Friends The Psychological Perspectives issue with my article about the death of a beloved valley oak on our ranch, “When an Old Friend Dies,” had come in the mail the day before. As I sat down to look at the article in print, the phone rang. “I am not sure that you know, but Mary… Read more »

Death of a Tree

Death of  a Tree “When an Old Friend Dies” was just published in the June issue of Psychological Perspectives. The article details an experience my husband and I had when an ancient valley oak fell last year. It is a tree we both loved. It grew next to a little pioneer farmhouse that we lived in while we built… Read more »

On Being Grounded

On Being Grounded What is being “grounded”… a term so often used these days?  “She is not very grounded.” “I need to get grounded.” We often use it to talk about people who are flighty or “not in their bodies”. But what does that mean? I received an “embodied” answer yesterday. I consulted a psychic… Read more »