Goats as Psychopomps!

Animals act as psychopomps between the worlds in dreams and everyday life. How many of us have a beloved cat or dog whose warm, soft body reminds us that we too are animals? My husband and I have two cheerful yellow labs, siblings, who have been with us for almost 12 years. Tending to their… Read more »

Psychological Complexes and Soul’s Agenda

Psychological Complexes and Soul’s Agenda The thick, old valley oak in the cemetery by the vineyard is leaning, the one that has witnessed a hundred burials in the ground beside it these last 150 years. The ancient valley oak beside the little pioneer house fell last May, and then, on the other side of the… Read more »

Heaven in Earth: Earth Change

Bryce Canyon National Park: 8000 feet. Why is it that I feel haunted here? It is true that the rarified air brings memories of camping trips in the high country of Yosemite when my sons were young, of sipping black currant tea at the picnic table late afternoons while they napped in the camper. Yes,… Read more »

Dowsing and Evolution of Consciousness

My father taught all of us kids to dowse. He was a quiet man, farming all his life, probably an introverted feeling type, but it is hard for a daughter to tell! In the early spring he could hardly wait until the fields were thawed and dry enough to plow, disk, harrow, and plant. Winter… Read more »

March 22: World Water Day: California’s Crisis

Today, March 22, 2015, is World Water Day, a day designated by the United Nations in 1993 to celebrate Water. Being in our fourth year of drought, there never has been a time that Californians are more aware of water. Many of us may be joining the 780 million people of the world who do not have access… Read more »

Thank the Goddess for the Love of Napa Valley NIMBYS!

Many of us are reluctant of being characterized as NIMBYs when we object to projects in our “backyards” such as event center wineries or vineyard incursions into our hillsides and watersheds. Such a designation often implies a narcissism.  The American Dictionary defines NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard) as “a person who objects to the siting of something perceived… Read more »

Physical Labor and Multidimensional Consciousness

My spiritual teacher Norma T. ( I write about my time with her in Farming Soul) once told me that it is easiest to develop spiritual tools to access multidimensional consciousness when we have direct contact with nature. I instinctively knew this to be true, familiar with the state of mind that comes when I… Read more »

Life’s Issues … and a Writing Retreat

Life’s issues have their way of meeting us everywhere, even a writing retreat! We six women meet once a month in this place outside of time. Castlekeep, as we have come to call it, is a large, usually unoccupied house surrounded by blackberry brambles and jonquils who’ve lost memory of flower beds. The ranch house was… Read more »

On Ecological Sustainability: Judith Parrish, Plant Ecologist

My first interview on ecological sustainability is with my sister Judy Damery Parrish,  Chair of the Biology Department at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. She is a passionate teacher who loves the earth with fierceness, reflected in here. What is your background and how did you come to ecology? I grew up on a farm and spent many… Read more »

Russian River: All Rivers

The Russian River is a great, lazy serpent in the summer. Her lovely green body curves through redwoods and vineyards, through open meadows and old tourist resorts, on her way to Jenner and the Pacific. I raised my sons well into their elementary years on that river. We learned her many moods: her rushing insistence in the… Read more »