Harvest Crisis!!

Goats watching pickers in vines (small white specks!)








Harvest Crisis!!

Donald says that this always happens: a crisis in harvest!  You need to get the grapes out quickly: the winemaker wants them up by noon.

Ramon gets a call at 5:00 am from the foreman of the crew. Only five pickers can come, half the number we need. Ramon makes calls.

Donald and our helpful neighbor, Jerry, unload grapes

One and two men arrive at a time, join the rest. Our neighbor Jerry helps by driving the tractor so Ramon can pick. By 8:00 am we have the number of men we need. 

Across the road our neighbor’s pickers yell in Spanish, fruit bins bang, tractors pull wagons of fruit. So much adrenalin!  The weather forecasts a significant storm next week, and the white grapes are vulnerable. There is a feeling of anxiety and excitement everywhere!