Lavender Essential Oil and Goat Puncture Wounds

Lavender Essential Oil and Goat Puncture Wounds

Our Biodynamic organic lavender essential oil is being put to the test! In October Gaviota sustained a puncture wound that we did not discover until early November. By then, the four-inch puncture wound had festered. The vet put her on a course of penicillin, but the infection returned. Cultures of the bacteria revealed three blooms of anaerobic bacteria, one, an E-Coli strain which is resistent to antibiotics.

This is when our Lavender Essential Oil became essential!  Lavender has been shown to kill the E-Coli. Combined with other essential oils like  cinnamon essential oil, the resistence of the E-coli was reversed, allowing the  broad spectrum antibotic to do its work. There are also other essential oils that have been shown to be effective, including oregano, basil, rosewood, and peppermint.

Gaviota’s treatement is  a long process: every other day we flush the wound with a saline-betadine solution which also has our lavender essential oil and an oregano essential oil in it. We pack the wound with Manuka honey infused with several drops of both essential oils, and then apply a clean pad which we hold in place with a tee-shirt and Mexican belt. She gets the broad spectrum antibiotic every five days.

Gaviota is brighter, which makes us think she is better. She is also putting up with it, even though I know it’s not a pleasant process for her (nor for us!) But plants offer so much for us, if we learn to use them.

Gaviota has offered a lot to the plants as well. We use the goat manure in the compost that fertilizes the aromatics. As it turns out, goat manure is ideal for aromatic plants. It may be a perfect payback!