Peaches and Memories

Peaches and Memories I didn’t expect for us both to end up in tears. I only meant for him to sign his broadsides that I had just bought for my brother, sisters, and me, a gift to commemorate the sale of our four generation family farm. The broadside, entitled We Farm Memories,  hit a particularly poignant note. David Mas Masumoto… Read more »

The Maturing of a Vineyard

The Maturing of a Vineyard The maturing of a vineyard is not unlike the maturing of a human being. We are of a culture that idealizes youthful image and behavior. Perhaps that is why so many people enter analysis in their early 40’s: youthful pursuits no longer make sense or work. Dreams reflect unexplored, ignored… Read more »

Dowsing and Evolution of Consciousness

My father taught all of us kids to dowse. He was a quiet man, farming all his life, probably an introverted feeling type, but it is hard for a daughter to tell! In the early spring he could hardly wait until the fields were thawed and dry enough to plow, disk, harrow, and plant. Winter… Read more »

Physical Labor and Multidimensional Consciousness

My spiritual teacher Norma T. ( I write about my time with her in Farming Soul) once told me that it is easiest to develop spiritual tools to access multidimensional consciousness when we have direct contact with nature. I instinctively knew this to be true, familiar with the state of mind that comes when I… Read more »

Is There a Biodynamic Lifestyle?

In a radio interview this last week, I was asked, “Are there ways for people who don’t want to be farmers to live biodynamic lives?” This question cuts to the chase. “Yes,” I replied, and suggested practical actions, like joining a Biodynamic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, in which you subscribe and get a box of… Read more »

The Sale of a Small Family Farm

When I saw the recent missed call on my cell phone, I grew worried. I had just spoken with my sister Judy several hours before. Something must have happened. I didn’t reach her until late in the afternoon. “I received the first payment,” she said. “The farm is gone.” We knew this was coming. I… Read more »