Crystallization Period and Spiritual Fruits

Crystallization Period and Spiritual Fruits

We are in the period of time that is called crystallization period, when the fallow earth is most receptive to the cosmic forces (January 15-February 15). The El Nino rains, which have already graced us with almost 8″ of rain this month, have brought inwardness and quiet for Donald and me— and yes, for the goats too, although they are not so enthused about the introverted time in the barn!  When we are quiet, perhaps we too, like the earth, are receiving messages from the cosmos. It is a spiritual practice that I find myself needing, even craving, one that I want to carry past this fallow time.

On my walks to gage the runoff between and during storms, I cautiously step on the squishy, vulnerable vineyard soils, which are so close to liquid it is like walking on water. Each day I walk another vineyard row so as not to trod a hardened path and destroy soil structure.

It’s a barn day!

No, the goats don’t go with me these stormy days. They hate rain and loathe being caught in a shower. Once Donald and I took them out between storms to stretch their legs. Suddenly the wind whipped our coats and hats, and we were pelted with a downpour. We ducked under the knarly branches of a coastal oak, and the goats joined us. They looked at us, a little annoyed, I thought!

I hope you too are enjoying the quiet, spiritual fruits of winter. They will sustain us into the months to come.