A Cautionary Tale

Mystery squash in the bowl. They are beautiful!

The plant looked benign enough; it was supposed to be a cantaloupe. I bought sets after the birds had eaten the melon seedlings that I had sprouted so carefully in the green house, chose this one because I wanted more melons.

Early on I knew I had gotten a hitchhiker. Small green and yellow squash began to appear, and before I knew it, a vine covered the entire bed, filled with these “squash”. They were more prolific than even the zucchini! One day  as I was picking vegetables for our dinner, I decided to saute one with some olive oil, garlic, and basil for a pasta dish.

The one (and only!) bite of the pasta alerted us to the fact this had been a big mistake. Never had I tasted anything quite so bitter!  But the night confirmed this!  Even one bite of this so-called squash induced a cleansing experience!

There is a lesson: Don’t eat unidentified “squash,” and especially if the birds are not partaking!

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