Animals and Farming

Photos by Barbara and Ivan Linderman

In Biodynamic farming we are asked to include animals on the farm, something most farmers no longer do. We want to have enough of the right kinds and numbers of animals to provide manures to compost to then fertilize our crops—and have enough food to feed the animals. That is our guiding star, at least! Our goats and llama get about 50% of their food from the land here.

In that spirit, animals were in abundance Saturday at the Open House. During the first biodynamic tour we were suddenly joined by the Queen Goat, Agaleah, soon followed by the entire herd who had broken out of their fenced area. They do not get to tour the vineyards once the vines bud out in the spring until after harvest, so they sadly had to return (after a bit of a goat chase!)

The Queen Goat really should get to lead, right?
Photo by Emily Chen

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