Barrel Compost and Drought

This summer of the fourth year of drought, we are liberally using the Barrel Compost we made on site in December (see post, Making Barrel Compost). Each fruit day (moon in fire signs) we spray the ground under the grapevines and orchard,  and each flower day, moon in air signs) we spray the aromatics.

The vines looked weary and stressed early on, some quite weak, but within two weeks, the leaves greened and evened out in size. Barrel Compost contains all of the biodynamic compost preparations, as well as basalt and biodynamic cow manure. The energies of these preparations allow plants to utilize the minerals in the soil as well as solar forces.

Although we spray the aromatics as well, they did not look stressed. However, Barrel Compost helps the soil build humus and is often used when one does not have enough compost. In drought conditions one of the most important things we can do is work on building soil through the use of compost and of Barrel Compost. Healthy soil holds more moisture.

If healing is that process whereby we are placed in proper relationship with the whole, Barrel Compost is that healing agent for the vineyard.

Synchronistically, my article about the tree whose hollowed trunk became the container for the barrel compost was published this last month in Psychological Perspectives, “When an Old Friend Dies.” The link allows the first 50 people to download it for free. Perhaps the tree also brought its great energy to the healing power of wholeness to the grapes.