Demeter’s Grief: Reflections on Our Evolution

No wonder she was tempted! Demeter’s Grief: Reflections on Our Evolution Yes, she was a great Goddess, that Medium of a tone of consciousness, and boy, was she pissed! Her daughter Persephone had been abducted by Pluto into Hades and the Underworld. In her fury, Demeter stopped everything from growing until she got Persephone back…. Read more »

Pilgrimage: Traveling with Leopold

Along the trail   Traveling with Aldo Leopold is a kind of pilgrimage, a focused awareness of what is present, and, once this is developed, feeling a participant with it. Hiking along one the most ancient pilgrimage trails on earth, Camino de Santiago¬†(and only portions of it), I brought only one book, my old (and… Read more »

Thinking Like a Mountain: Aldo Leopold

Hairy Woodpecker Cornell Lab of Ornithology The Saturday afternoon of the Geography of Hope Conference on Aldo Leopold sponsored by Point Reyes Bookstore last weekend, offered field trips. I chose the Mt. Wittenberg hike because it was strenuous and one of my favorite hikes in the world. As it turned out, to use one of… Read more »