Reflections on Resurrection

Easter reflection As a child of a Protestant farm family, I celebrated Easter as one of the important liturgical days of the religious year. School was out on Good Friday, when we attended interdenominational services. The world darkened as the events of the crucifixion were retold. This was followed by an early morning pilgrimage to… Read more »

Another Ancestor Mentor: Mrs. Ebbs

Another Ancestor Mentor: Mrs. Ebbs When I was in seventh and eighth grade I had an English teacher, Mrs. Ebbs, who taught me how to write. Mrs. Ebbs was a plump and stout woman who smoked on her breaks and had one of those raucous personalities that everyone is drawn to, particularly we kids. She… Read more »

Honoring the Ancestors, Part One

Honoring the Thinning Veil, Glastonbury, 2010 Honoring the Ancestors, Part One Each year the San Francisco Jung Institute celebrates Ancestors’ Day around the time of the Day of the Dead. Analysts, candidates, and interns gather and remember those in our Institute community who have passed the threshold into the Beyond. This last Sunday we especially… Read more »

Further Reflections on the Pow Wow

Further Reflections on the Pow Wow One cannot hear the drums nor watch the young dancers bedecked in hoof rattles and colorful bird feathers without, upon returning home, listening closer to the whispers across the meadow. Are these the whispers of those who for 10,000 years walked the paths I follow daily, camped along what… Read more »

When the Story Gets Interesting…

Writing, like analysis, can be a process of re-creation. Sign from garden of Dominican Sisters of Peace, Columbus, OH. When the Story Gets Interesting… Last month at the Donor Event of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, three authors read from their contributions to Marked by Fire: Stories of the Jungian Way. Chie Lee,… Read more »