Fruits of Eden: Preparations for the Release!

My book Fruits of Eden: Field Notes Napa Valley 1991-2021 is about to be released, so I contracted with Janna Waldinger of Art & Clarity to take some photos. This is one of my favorites. Each day some of my dear animals walk with me. (Here, Petunia, the goat, and HIjo, the llama.)  For almost 30… Read more »

Nature’s Inescapable Demands

It takes two inches of rain to awaken the annual grass seeds in the savanna, and we definitely got two inches of rain last week. It started slowly, with 0.6″ on the first day followed by 1.5″ on the second. I was overjoyed. The dryness of the drought chokes the land. We were all suffering…. Read more »

Drought, Racu and the Rainmaker

Although Racu has moved on to greener pastures, and in his place, less cantankerous llama Hijo guards, this true story about a rainmaker at another time of severe drought has never been more relevant. The blog first appeared in June 2011 at the beginning of California’s drought.   At first no one noticed the Buddha I had placed in the forest… Read more »

Approaching Mystery

Mystery is a bridgeApproaching Mystery Approaching Mystery In his book Climate: Soul of the Earth, anthroposophist Dennis Klocek discusses the differences in attitude of Cain and Abel in approaching the Mystery. This is what we Jungians would call masculine and feminine ways of approaching the unknown or the Other. In the masculine way, or Cain’s… Read more »

Distillation and Donald

Distillation and Donald Lavender distillation has begun on our ranch! We distill in very small batches, which inadvertently has allowed us to discover that each piece of earth growing lavender has its own terroir, its essential oil distinct and unique. The following is an excerpt from my book Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation. It… Read more »

Stewardship and the Western European Way

Tree Person and grafted valley oaks. Stewardship and the Western European Way Vine Deloria, Jr., Sioux scholar, questions the concept of stewardship. It implies “taking care of” or “managing”, not being in dialogue with or balance, yet another version of western European “dominion over.” It is also a word I remember from my early childhood… Read more »

Racu and the Rainmaker

Racu on duty.               At first no one noticed the Buddha I had placed in the forest by the winter creek— except our llama, Racu. Racu sees everything! His job is guarding the goats. He witnesses what moves in the forest near their pen, alarming with his horse-like whinny… Read more »