Biodynamic Preparation 505: Oak Bark

The bark of an old friend. Biodynamic Preparation 505: Oak Bark Our first introduction to Biodynamic Compost Preparation 505, Oak Bark, was as one of the ten sprays our biodynamic consultant used to ripen a failing mountain vineyard. It was already late September and the grapes were six weeks behind schedule. The winemaker informed us… Read more »

Biodynamic Prep 503: Chamomile

Biodynamic Prep 503: Chamomile By the time your read this, my second grandson may be born. His due date is today, August 1. This topic seems particularly appropriate as I associate chamomile with children, and particularly babies. The homeopathic remedy chamomile is often used for a newborn colicky baby to help sooth a digestive system… Read more »