Dark Gifts of Drought

Pond Bottom, January 2014 Dark Gifts of Drought Donald says that he remembers a year when the hills did not turn green. He was forced to pump water from the lower pond, which fills first and quickly, to the upper, much larger pond, to capture and save what rain water he could. This has not… Read more »

The Environmental Crisis: What We Can Do

Some of the reasons I am willing to suffer knowledge of my participation in climate change. The Environmental Crisis: What We Can Do When I think of the best approach to the issues we have created in our environment, I think of the old Buddhist adage: Show up. Pay attention. Tell the truth. Detach from… Read more »

Approaching Mystery

Mystery is a bridgeApproaching Mystery Approaching Mystery In his book Climate: Soul of the Earth, anthroposophist Dennis Klocek discusses the differences in attitude of Cain and Abel in approaching the Mystery. This is what we Jungians would call masculine and feminine ways of approaching the unknown or the Other. In the masculine way, or Cain’s… Read more »

Biodynamic Prep 506: Dandelion

Dandelion on our ranch. Biodynamic Prep 506: Dandelion Dandelion (French: dent de lion, lion’s tooth, referring to the teeth of the serrated leaves) is a flower Rudolf Steiner called a “messenger from heaven” (Agriculture, 103). It is another plant that works in homeopathic ways over a region. Because of its own silicic acid relationship with… Read more »