The Mystery of the Present and Play

The Mystery of the Present and Play Play is the highest form of research. – Albert Einstein If it is important even for our survival on the planet to relearn re-entering the Mystery of the Present, what serves this end? This question is one I contemplate this season as the dark comes before 5 in… Read more »

Calling Spirit Fox

At the cricket concert Calling Spirit Fox My grandson Wesley is three, and he is so curious! Where is the fox family, he wants to know. We are walking past the culvert that the mother, father, and three kits occupied in June on our way to look at a snake skin I found earlier in… Read more »

Why I believe in Santa Claus

    Why I believe in Santa Clause I have been thinking about Santa Claus, that jolly old Christmas saint of giving. To me he is as sparkly as Christmas lights, one of the few mysteries we participate in collectively. As a young child I remember being taken to the “real” Santa who arrived in… Read more »