Foreword to Fruits of Eden: Deborah O’Grady

Sometimes meaningful patterns of life’s events are revealed only in hindsight. What guides our lives? Is there a subterranean stream that carries us—if we let it? Such is the case in how I came to meet fine art photographer and videographer Deborah O’Grady. These many years later, I am delighted she has agreed to write… Read more »

Tucson: April 4-5: The Environmental Crisis: Birth of a New Consciousness?

  Tucson: April 4-5: The Environmental Crisis: Birth of a New Consciousness? On Friday evening, April 4,and Saturday, April 5, 2014, I will be presenting a lecture and workshop  to Southern Arizona Friends of Jung in Tucson, Arizona. The title of the weekend will be The Environmental Crisis: Birth of a New Consiousness. If you… Read more »

Getting to Know Grass: A Rant for Mother’s Day

Gaia, by Genevieve Haven         We put too much on our kids. That was my reaction when I read a recent eco-article in Orion magazine. The author lamented the lack of snow this last winter, but through her children’s eyes. She described how her children waited all winter to sled, the snow… Read more »

On Grumpiness and Biodynamic Certification

Records: not my cup of tea!!       Each year about this time we are confronted with accounting for our farming practices over the last year and reporting our plans for the next. This is no small matter! In Biodynamic organic certification, we annually update four (long!) documents, two for Demeter Biodynamic certification, two… Read more »

Two Announcements!

Two Announcements! Two events: a Radio interview and a Dialogue. Radio Interview: Check out Gray Scott’s radio interview of Patricia Damery on Serious Wonder Radio THE LATEST EPISODE: EPISODE #19 BIODYNAMIC FARMING What is biodynamic farming? Can we heal our bodies, the earth and raise our awareness by using this method? Gray Scott talks with… Read more »