Reflections on Resurrection

Easter reflection As a child of a Protestant farm family, I celebrated Easter as one of the important liturgical days of the religious year. School was out on Good Friday, when we attended interdenominational services. The world darkened as the events of the crucifixion were retold. This was followed by an early morning pilgrimage to… Read more »

Prairie Fires and Forest Fire: Flames for New Consciousness?

Fire is an important part of many healthy ecosystems. Suppressed, it often becomes an uninvited guest!   Prairie Fires and Forest Fire: Flames for New Consciousness? The settlers coming into Illinois during the early part of the 19th century suffered many of the hardships of any people populating an unfamiliar territory. Drawn by location and the… Read more »

Family Stories: Snakes and Wampum

Wampum beads, Wikipedia My novel Snakes grew out of years of hearing snake stories, some coming from family stories I heard as a child, and from these relatives who migrated from Stonington, Connecticut, to Old Stonington Colony, Illinois. The following stories were recounted by my great uncle Guy Peabody (b. 1878), son of William Edward… Read more »

Conversations with David Abram and a Review

David and I in conversation at the Brower Center in February 2012 Conversations with David Abram and a Review February 2012 David Abram, deep-ecologist, philosopher, and magician extraordinaire,  and author of Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology, and I joined in conversation in a C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco event at the David Brower… Read more »

Biodynamic Preparation 505: Oak Bark

The bark of an old friend. Biodynamic Preparation 505: Oak Bark Our first introduction to Biodynamic Compost Preparation 505, Oak Bark, was as one of the ten sprays our biodynamic consultant used to ripen a failing mountain vineyard. It was already late September and the grapes were six weeks behind schedule. The winemaker informed us… Read more »

Updates on Media

Updates on Media This week Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation got  media coverage! Saturday evening, May 12,  I was interviewed live by Solarzar on Good Vibrations Radio. You can listen through the free download by clicking on the link. Good Vibrations Radio is a live show on Saturday evenings out of Monterey, CA. You might… Read more »