Distillation and Death

Distillation and Death Our goat Estrella passed at the end of bloom when the young grapes were bebe-sized, just before the Mariposa tulips popped into appearance. I told the vet that Estrella had to have help arriving, born by Cesarean, and that now she had to have help leaving. She was in too much distress;… Read more »

GOATSONG Cover Image: Artist Jessica Boehman

GOATSONG Cover Image: Artist Jessica Boehman During the time we were working on the cover for Goatsong, friend and poet Leah Shelleda forwarded me a link to a goat drawing by Jessica Boehman. I was mesmerized! There was the image for which I had been searching! As it turned out, though, the image was already… Read more »

On Projection and Resonance

Boey modeling wire hay rack.       We brag on the goats’ mischief, a dead giveaway! We still laugh about the time Boris jumped into the middle of a table to get the salsa when we were showing him off to friends while having wine and hors d’oeuvres. There’s the time we found Boey… Read more »