Goatsong: A Novel

Goatsong: A Novel My new novel Goatsong, to be released by Fisher King Press in November 2012, began 25 years ago when, during my daily walks, I found piles of garbage near my home. At first I searched through the piles for identifying information, took recovered addresses to the sheriff’s office, and fumed when nothing… Read more »

Olivia and the Goats

When you are short, it is important to stick close to an adult! Negotiating with Dasher.       Last month my great niece, five year old Olivia, visited with her grandmother, my sister Judy. We did the usual things when people visit: spent an afternoon on the paths through the redwood giants of Armstrong… Read more »

Pan’s Flute

Photo Art by Alexandra Parks-Perry         I found the tonette (plastic flute) in the top of an old trunk in the storage locker. I was putting away journals after looking up snake dreams. My son Jesse was there, wanting a small clip for a book light that I also had stored in… Read more »

Goats and Grief

Article by Patricia Damery Photo art by Bill Fulton Meditation at First Light November 23 Ah, Sophia. She didn’t grow her winter coat. Nothing we could do. Goats and Grief  Our veterinarian told us that goats grieve deeply after we lose four within a few months. First, there was Natalie, 14 1/2 years, old by… Read more »