The Mystery of the Present and Play

The Mystery of the Present and Play Play is the highest form of research. – Albert Einstein If it is important even for our survival on the planet to relearn re-entering the Mystery of the Present, what serves this end? This question is one I contemplate this season as the dark comes before 5 in… Read more »

Approaching Mystery

Mystery is a bridgeApproaching Mystery Approaching Mystery In his book Climate: Soul of the Earth, anthroposophist Dennis Klocek discusses the differences in attitude of Cain and Abel in approaching the Mystery. This is what we Jungians would call masculine and feminine ways of approaching the unknown or the Other. In the masculine way, or Cain’s… Read more »

More About Mystery: Marked by Fire Stories

The Path of Contemplating Mystery, Pisa, Italy       Opening to mystery: such a creative act! My job as analyst is often helping people tolerate the anxiety of mystery long enough to enter the portal of the unknown. So often we scramble to the so-called safety of the known, concentrate on adaptation, the tasks… Read more »

On Designing a Building— Or Writing a Novel

On Designing a Building— Or Writing a Novel   In this season of the dark when we await the return of the light, I offer this story of relationship to mystery. A building or town will only be alive to the extent that it is governed by the timeless way. It is a process which… Read more »