Two Reviews: Marked By Fire: Stories of the Jungian Way

Naomi and me at a recent reading. Photo: Dan Safron     Marked by Fire received two incredible reviews (Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche, May 2013) by George and Suzanne Wagner. We could not be more honored! Suzanne Wagner is a senior analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute in San Francisco practicing in Sausalito. She was the writer… Read more »

Wild Strawberries and Poets

Wild Strawberries and Poets Wild strawberries are like poems of the Earth. You don’t propagate them; you come upon them—and when you least expect. At first you see a hint of deep red in the three leaf clusters lying so close to the ground. You bend down, pick the tiny berry— tiny, at least, by… Read more »

The Nature of the Way: Marked by Fire

Detail of the Way     You know when you find your path, because there is a little extra energy there that tugs on you. It is seldom something you planned. The alchemists knew this path: when everything is black, then you know you are on the right course. Before it’s over, everything not connected… Read more »

Truchas and the Thinning of the Veil

 Truchas and the Thinning of the Veil Colleague and friend Naomi Lowinsky and I have traveled to the thin, rarified air of Truchas, New Mexico, to do the work of co-editing a collection of essays. The papers come from colleagues from around the world and will be published in March 2012 by Fisher King Press:… Read more »