Honoring the Ancestors, Part One

Honoring the Thinning Veil, Glastonbury, 2010 Honoring the Ancestors, Part One Each year the San Francisco Jung Institute celebrates Ancestors’ Day around the time of the Day of the Dead. Analysts, candidates, and interns gather and remember those in our Institute community who have passed the threshold into the Beyond. This last Sunday we especially… Read more »

Thinning of the Veil: Remembering the Dead

Veil Mysteries on our ranch. Thinning of the Veil: Remembering the Dead When you look back, you often see what brought you to where you are. There are the mentors and teachers, the happy accidents, the inspirations and intuitions you followed, or not. Anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner would say that the dead are also assisting you,… Read more »

Blessed Greenness

 Detail of Gaia, Ceramic Piece by Genevieve Haven Blessed Greenness Carl Jung defines the benedicta viriditas, “blessed greenness,” as …the state of someone who, in his wanderings among the mazes of his psychic transformation, comes upon a secret happiness which reconciles him to his apparent loneliness. In communing with himself he finds not deadly boredom and melancholy but… Read more »

On Seeds and Chaos

Black Oak Seed     Rudolf Steiner stated that when matter’s complexity is taken to its most ultimate degree (as in the seed), it disintegrates, and chaos ensues. Carl Jung would call this enantiodromia: the tendency to change into the opposite, “especially as a supposed governing principle of natural cycles and of psychological development” (New… Read more »

Biodynamic Preparation 505: Oak Bark

The bark of an old friend. Biodynamic Preparation 505: Oak Bark Our first introduction to Biodynamic Compost Preparation 505, Oak Bark, was as one of the ten sprays our biodynamic consultant used to ripen a failing mountain vineyard. It was already late September and the grapes were six weeks behind schedule. The winemaker informed us… Read more »

Biodynamic Prep 507: Challenges of Valerian

Valerian in our garden. Biodynamic Prep 507: Challenges of Valerian Until I was well into my Jungian analysis and had personally experienced the paradox of dark light, I could not have understood the mystery of valerian. We planted the seeds in our garden, not knowing the looks of the plant. When the seeds vigorously sprouted and… Read more »

Biodynamic Compost Prep 504: Stinging Nettle: Vitality

Balleymoney, Ireland Biodynamic Compost Prep 504: Stinging Nettle: Vitality When Donald and I traveled to Ireland to trace my family lineage, we visited cemeteries in which we had to wade through stinging nettle so tall that it was waist deep in places. There was a certain irritation in having to do so! Stinging nettle gets… Read more »

Planting Potatoes

Planting Potatoes article by Patricia Damery Carl Jung was said to be an earthy man. He derived pleasure in growing his own potatoes despite his intellectual interests. During the Second World War he plowed up part of his yard to do so. “Every man should have his own plot of land so that the instincts… Read more »