Carmel and Nostalgia of Place

Jimalee musing.             This week my writers group is retreating in Carmel only a block from Robinson Jeffers’ Tor House. The first 24 hours here have been quiet ones of rest, naps, and walks. Two of our group could not come, and we feel their absence. It would be easy… Read more »

The Nature of the Way: Marked by Fire

Detail of the Way     You know when you find your path, because there is a little extra energy there that tugs on you. It is seldom something you planned. The alchemists knew this path: when everything is black, then you know you are on the right course. Before it’s over, everything not connected… Read more »

On Being Prepared

A playful picture from my ground of being… many years ago!       Some years ago a close friend told me that in a discussion about preparing children for the world, her then twenty-year-old daughter exclaimed, “ You already haven’t prepared us enough!” It is the indictment that many of us parents fear. We… Read more »

Storytelling and the Soul

Storytelling and the Soul Recently my brother Mark recorded a CD of stories about growing up half a century ago on a small farm in central Illinois. It was a time when farmers still worked together baling hay and harvesting, “coming in” for the noon meal—dinner— and telling stories about the morning, or the day… Read more »

Farming & Soul

“the psychological problem of today is a spiritual problem, a religious problem . . .” —C.G. Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking: Interview and Encounters, “Does the World Stand on the Verge of Spiritual Rebirth?” Farming & Soul A psychological and spiritual reckoning, Farming Soul questions theories and assumptions that date back to the early 1900’s and… Read more »