Healing and Archetypes

Marqués de Riscal Hotel Healing and Archetypes This last Sunday the Curriculum Committee of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco offered an intramural event for members and candidates on Contemporary Issues in Archetypal Theory in which several members and board members presented different perspectives. The concept of “archetype” is an ancient one with… Read more »

Tucson: Goethe and the Art of Seeing

Tucson: Goethe and the Art of Seeing   After the Tucson lecture and workshop, April 4-5, 2014, Friends of Jung, Tucson, Arizona , The Environmental Crisis: Birth of a New Consciousness? Goethe:”sublimely towering, wide-spreading tree of God” Strasbourg Cathedral, from Wikipedia   I am home after a weekend with a great group of people in Tucson…. Read more »

Calling Spirit Fox

At the cricket concert Calling Spirit Fox My grandson Wesley is three, and he is so curious! Where is the fox family, he wants to know. We are walking past the culvert that the mother, father, and three kits occupied in June on our way to look at a snake skin I found earlier in… Read more »

Carmel and Nostalgia of Place

Jimalee musing.             This week my writers group is retreating in Carmel only a block from Robinson Jeffers’ Tor House. The first 24 hours here have been quiet ones of rest, naps, and walks. Two of our group could not come, and we feel their absence. It would be easy… Read more »

On Materialism

By Patricia Damery Meditation at First Light Storm Concert Rain gutter   chimney pan pipes  of the Storm Beings    concert of the Dead      what Spirit sings? On Materialism After my parents died, my sisters, brother, and I had the dreaded task of cleaning out their 120 year old farmhouse. We knew this time would come,… Read more »

Farming & Soul

“the psychological problem of today is a spiritual problem, a religious problem . . .” —C.G. Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking: Interview and Encounters, “Does the World Stand on the Verge of Spiritual Rebirth?” Farming & Soul A psychological and spiritual reckoning, Farming Soul questions theories and assumptions that date back to the early 1900’s and… Read more »