Acting for our Future Generations

Was 2014 only my awakening to the need for environmental activism in Napa County, or was it also a considerable citizen shift in consciousness? 2014 was the year Walt Ranch hit the public eye. I learned about Walt Ranch only when I sought help after new neighbors decided to plant vines in an ancient oak… Read more »

Raising the Alarm: Charlie Toledo on Aquifers and Riparian Corridors: The disconnect

Below is a reprint of excerpts from a 2014 interview with Charlie Toledo, Executive Director of the Suscol Intertribal Council. What continues to be alarming is how our governing bodies override scientific knowledge in the face of perceived industry needs. We have witnessed this process over and over in Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor… Read more »

The Art of Dish Washing with Charlie Toledo

Have you ever washed dishes with Charlie Toledo? You learn what Water is Sacred means. She wipes the dish using as little water as possible with soap that will not contaminate the water and then carefully rinses. You do not wash: you witness. She does the work, making sure Water is properly treated. How would… Read more »

Dark Gift of Watershed Issues

Dark Gift of Watershed Issues If life were a current, we have reached a rapids on land use issues in the Napa Valley. As above, so below: how to view these outer issues in a “so below”, inner context?  These issues are also a microcosm of what is happening on our earth. Perhaps the dark… Read more »

Drought: What We Need to Change

Sigh of Relief!   Drought: What We Need to Change The courtyard pavement glistened in the early dawn this morning. I felt myself sigh with relief. The promised rain was beginning. It has steadily picked up. The weather predicts heavy rain today and tonight, even 6 inches before the current series of storms have passed… Read more »