Dowsing and Evolution of Consciousness

A very sensitive instrument my father never used!

My father taught all of us kids to dowse. He was a quiet man, farming all his life, probably an introverted feeling type, but it is hard for a daughter to tell! In the early spring he could hardly wait until the fields were thawed and dry enough to plow, disk, harrow, and plant. Winter and its fallowness made him antsy and irritable, but Mom would remind us, spring plowing changed all this.  When the earth thawed, he worked until after dark, falling asleep as soon as he hit his chair in the evening, but he was also relaxed and at peace, and out the door the next morning at first light.

He was a good listener, especially to the earth. He knew her language. When April and May brought rains, flooding the fields, he bent two coat hangers into L’s, holding them loosely in each hand, and relaxed as he walked the field, in resonance with Earth and Water, Air and Sun. When he reached the buried broken tile, the coat hangers crossed. That is where he dug.

Recent research has shown how important this state of consciousness is, a state shown to be in resonance with the earth. This resonance appears to be connected not only to our sense of well being, but also to our evolution of consciousness. This month’s (April) issue of Creations Magazine published my article, “On Health, Healing, and Our Relationship to the Earth”, an article that comes from my roots but extends into our future. Dowsers, and other meditators, have learned to use brain waves and parts of the brain in ways that may well reflect an evolution of consciousness.

My father would not have cared about this evolution, I suspect. He cared about the feeling he got when he was in partnership with the earth again in the spring. He relaxed, and I suspect that he got energetically larger. Perhaps the earth did too.