Pond bottom.




It has not rained for some time, so far only 25% of average for this time of year. Farmer’s Almanac said it would be a cooler, wetter winter. They got the cooler part right! This year in northern California is the driest ever on record.

Our small reservoir is bone dry; the large one has only a pool of stinky water in the bottom, visited each day by a heron and a greater egret, who seem to be friends. The Farm Bureau weather forecast predicts the month beginning January 15 to have average precipitation. This gives us some hope.

Droughts are part of natural cycles, but they are also created and/or intensified by pollution and particulates in the air. The rain simply doesn’t reach the ground.

There are some things to do, things-to-do always helpful under stress!  We will do a Biodynamic spray series in water signs (moon in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), a series which invites moisture.

But most important, we can examine our energy use and work to minimize it. We also must examine our use of water, learning to use it prudently and respectfully. Drought reminds us we are not in charge, that in fact we are quite vulnerable to the moods of the Earth and to our impact on Her.