Epiphany: the Gift of the Three Kings

Epiphany: the Gift of the Three Kings

Today is Epiphany, the day the three kings arrived to visit the Christ child. Each Epiphany we do a gift spray around the perimeter of our property, a distance and ruggedness that we seldom encounter. This involves not only the gift spray, but two before it of an earth spray and a solar spray, as it is important to use all the sprays on the property before the gift spray. Otherwise it would be like promising the nature spirits that you are going to feed them (the three kings preparation: gold, Frankincense and Myrrh) but then, starving them.

As I said, most of our ranch is rugged and forested and we seldom go into it. It is not always clear where the property boundary is. Our youngest son Casey carried the backpack sprayer around the perimeter three times, the ground spray last evening, the horned quartz cosmic spray early this morning, and then the three kings this afternoon. Each time we stirred the prep into sun soaked water for a full hour, first one way and then the other.

This year more than any other I felt the profound difference after each spray. The ground spray last evening brought a somberness, and although I wanted to sleep, I was fretful all night. Early this morning before the sun rose over the east range, I started stirring the horned quartz, meditating on the sun and Spirit. Yet even as we walked the property and imagined spirit radiating in the trees and the grasses, as the red tails alarmed cry warned us when we came too close, I felt a little depressed, as if I were acting as if.

However, as we stirred the gift spray and as the aroma of Frankincense and Myrrh rose from the crock, my mood lightened. Something released. This remedy was one developed by Hugo Erbe in Germany after the nuclear bombing in 1945. He noticed that the elementals had fled from his farm, and that people were demonizing the elemental forces. The remedy helped the elementals return. It was a promise to work with them.

About a third of the way around the property this afternoon, I noticed the grass glowed gold. Time slowed. I felt my soul relax– no, I felt it return!

Did the earthquake in August disrupt the elementals? Did it disrupt my trust of the earth? I do know this evening I have gratitude for this day of intensive spraying that healed something within, and maybe without too.