Fall Biodynamic Spraying: ‘501″

Buckeye butterfly beneath coyote bush





After harvest we spray the crystal spray “501” on the vines and orchard to help prepare for the fruit the next year. This balances cosmic/solar forces with earth forces. We spray three times, once in each of the fruit (fire) astrological signs: Ares, Leo, and Sagittarius. This morning we do the second of the series. Meditation as I stir:


May the Buckeye Butterfly always visit flowering coyote bush in October.
May honey have a tinge of coyote, too.
May the oaks drop fat acorns forever
that goats gobble like candy,
and squirrels store.
May the vines and fruit trees thrive.
May we learn our enemy is sometimes our friend,
and that love shines on all alike.