Grape Harvest Over, Two to Go!

Do you want to take my picture? he asks.






We finished the grape harvest this week, just as showers came and the earth was as muggy as the Midwest. There is a certain joy and sigh of relief when the truck is loaded with a season’s labor and it is abundant and beautiful. Our neighbor Jerry helped again, bringing his tractor and his labor and his good will. Ramon organized, arranged the picking, supervised, agonized, and now, today, returns to the winery for the grape pumice to return to the compost.

There is so much magic in the world. How, in such a few months, can we go from bare vines to twenty tons of grapes? Grapes are children of the sun and the earth, truly the fruit of a marriage of both, and tending them, we remember that we are as well.

(We still have one last distillation of rose geranium and the persimmon harvest later next month.)

photo by Art and Clarity