Holistic Management: New Steps

Good news!  The USDA sees value in this
course, partially funding the manual.





We received our manual yesterday: Whole Farm Planning and Management: Introduction to Holistic Management®. One of our New Year Resolutions on our ranch is to begin a process of study through Holistic Management, a system with the motto: Healthy Land, Sustainable Future. We learned of this through our son Jesse who, with his wife Lisa, traveled through United States visiting organic and Biodynamic farms. When they saw a farm which was particularly vital, they would ask, why? What was the farmer or rancher doing? Often the research work and resultant consultation of Allan Savory would be mentioned. Savory grew up in the area between Southern Rhodesia and Botswana and came to love the bush. Later when he was employed by the Northern Rhodesian Game Department, he realized that what he loved was at risk, not from what was commonly talked about, poaching and exploitation, but from ignorant practices of professionals and bureaucrats. This began a lifelong, passionate study of healthy systems and how they become unhealthy, including how animals are a part of this.

So the Biodynamic crystallization period brings us to study and reflect upon our land and what will sustain us and it into the future. Keep tuned!  We will tell you how it goes!