Lavender Engenders Trust

Lavender Engenders Trust

In a Leiden University study out of the Netherlands, lavender aroma was shown to engender a state of trust. The research reported  in Frontiers in Psychology, “A question of Scent: Lavender Aroma Promotes Interpersonal Trust,” found that individuals under the calming influence of lavender were more trusting in interpersonal relationships than individuals presented with  scents which are more stimulating, such as peppermint, or to no scent at all.

Harms Lavender Body Care products on shelf at Scents of Napa Valley, Yountville, CA.

There are definitely darker uses. People under the influence were also more likely to linger in marketing situations (and buy!) or lend more money. But the positive: being more cooperative and collaborative! Having more of an open heart to others!

Biodynamic Lavender Essential Oil, 30 ml

Always I have felt lavender is a kind of ambassador. I love to package it, thinking of it traveling to that person who has ordered it. I like to think of its essence developed in the vessel of our ranch traveling to all parts of our country and the world.

If there was ever a time we needed lavender, and the opening of the heart toward each other, it is now.

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