Lavender Roasted Thanksgiving Bird

Lavender Roasted Thanksgiving Bird

If you are looking for a healthy way to spice up your Thanksgiving bird this season, consider lavender and other herbs de Provence. The secret is to go light on the lavender. We use Harms Cooking Stems, which have less oil, and we start out with only a few. You don’t want to overdose your guests on their first Provence culinary experience!


Whole organic chicken or turkey

Two onions

Five small cloves of garlic

several Harms Cooking Stems of dried lavender, soaked in

Dried lavender sticks soaking

water for at least 30 minutes (or a fresh spring of rosemary)

Several sprigs of fresh thyme

Bay leaf

Two sage leaves

Whole lemon

olive oil



Wash your bird inside and out, and dry carefully. Place in a roasting pan and rub olive oil inside and out. Season the cavity and the outside with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Place the lemon, sprigs of thyme, a few soaked stems of lavender, bay leaf, sage leaves and several whole cloves of garlic inside the cavity.

Chicken trussed with herbs

We cook the bird with fingerling potatoes, carrot, and onions, all drizzled in olive and sprinkled with sea salt, until the bird tests done at 180°. A medium chicken will take about an hour and 15 minutes, but pay attention to the directions on time if you are cooking a turkey. Stir the potatoes and carrots occasionally. Allow bird to cool slightly before removing herbs and lemon.