New Eyes on the Ranch!

New Eyes on the Ranch!

First published March 9, 2016. Casey and Melissa and their two sons are living on the ranch with us. Both boys know where the sweetest blackberries grow, when to pick wild strawberries and where. They have helped with the lavender harvest every year and they continue to be a joy in the rediscovery of everything else that also lives here.

Donald and I are delighted that our youngest son Casey, our daughter-in-law Melissa, and our grandsons Wesley and Sabien, are joining us on the ranch!  In the next months they will be  taking over the lavender and aromatic operations, bringing new insights, energies,  and projects. Melissa and Casey are particularly interested in nature-based education and bring that sensibility in working with groups of parents and their children. More on this soon!

Preparing for a raining walk.

For me, I am submersed in the great pleasures of grandmotherhood. I adore these grandsons. They bring a sense of wonder in a new pair of boots in a rainstorm, a crow in the garden, the worms in the driveway. A few hours with them returns me to center—yes, tired, perhaps, but also strangely revived!

These precious times when I  remember the pleasures of the moment are also times  I know why I am sitting through hours of Board of Supervisor meetings, Planning Commission meetings, and farming Biodynamically. These children are inheriting the earth. They are coming into an unprecedented time when the earth is warmer. We have no idea what this will mean for them. We need to do everything we can to learn a new relationship with the earth and to enjoy it with these children teachers who know the pleasures of an earthworm.

Wesley and Sabien weeding with Grandpa.