Old Growth Lavender: Lot#Toyon17

Old growth, gnarly vines produce fruit which in turn results in prized wine, but seldom do we hear of old growth lavender. We have a small acreage of lavender that we decided not to replant, but we didn’t pull it either. Its short stems are good only for our still yet so short they are difficult to harvest. But the work is worth it!  The distilled essence of those ancient plants is ebullience! It has all the tones of the earth it grew from and the resonances of the sun which blares hot in the afternoon. The earth there is clay-like, and water is scarce, and yet the old plants’ joyful struggle to continue is  recorded in the aromatic whiff you get every time you open a bottle of it―Lot number Toyon17.

Three of our five growing areas are labeled with the name of a goat, each of which is now on the spirit plane. “Toyon” is the name of this ancient field. Toyon was a sweet, independent pygmy goat whose mother Sophia equaled her in independence―but also in socialabilty. You get that in this essential oil, that energy: joi de vivre! love of life! the ability to rise above harsh and difficult circumstances and thrive!

More and more scientists discover the value of the plants that we have intuitively known are healing, and lavender is one of those. In the New York Times this week an article discussed recent discoveries of the value of lavender, and particularly the chemical linalool in lavender, in treating anxiety and pain.  They discuss replicating that in medicine. But I know this: the plant lavender is so much more. Yes, she treats anxiety and sleeplessness, but she  is also teacher who knows how to survive difficult times with love of life in tact. A relationship with lavender also brings an opportunity to discover her many qualities; her essence which comes to you in her essential oil brings with it the totality of time and place and love of living.