Root Days

Monday (fruit/fire day, moon in Leo) we sprayed the third of the Barrel Compost earth sprays in the vineyard and orchard. The next few days (until Saturday morning) are root days (moon in Virgo, earth sign) and are ideal for making compost or compost tea, planting carrots, rutabagas, turnips, onions, or digging onions and potatoes.

Compost tea ferments for 24 hours with
oxygen from aquarium pump. (A shovelful of compost is put in largest
teabag ever!) Organic molasses and organic kelp concentrate round out the ingredients.
Great time to plant root vegetables. We work
to stagger the plantings so we don’t end up
with truck farming amounts. 

Bunching onions. Onions harvested on root days
have been shown to keep better. (Maria Thun’s research)