Some of the Visitors

Photographer Lowell Downey of Art and Clarity photographing Clare Cooper Marcus.
(You need to contact him to see the photo!)

A number of photographers were present Saturday at the Open House. This is Lowell Downey of Art and Clarity, a local Napa photographer and land activist who actually helped us get started with our marketing ten years ago by referring us to the Napa Register for a story on alternatives to spraying vineyards. The photographer, however, got seduced by the bees in the lavender, spending ten hours over two days photographing, which came out in two Sunday spreads on the lavender, our beginning in marketing. The story is in my book, Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation.  

It just goes to show how important we are to each other, helping each other thrive. Here Lowell is photographing afternoon speaker Clare Cooper Marcus.

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