Starting the Compost Pile, Grape Pumice

One of two bins of grape pumice (seeds and skins)
from the crush Friday.








Starting the Compost Pile, Grape Pumice

After harvest there is that brief period of relief and rest (one day!)— and then there is ever so much to do before winter! This week we started the compost pile building, deciding on a location in the orchard. The soil in the areas in which we have built piles in the past has improved significantly, so we move the location of the pile every couple of years to areas that need a boost.

Our goats do clean up of much of the vegetation. This is part
of their manure making!  They love corn stalks.


 Anna is supervising manure and straw removal.
Goats, like many of us, do not relish change.

First we spread a layer of straw, then a layer of the grape pumice from the crush on Friday, then the manure from the goat pen. Each layer is no more than six inches thick. Goat manure is an ideal source of fertility for both grapes and lavender, and we use their bedding and manure from their pen.

Adding grape pumice to the bed of straw in the compost area.