A Way to Begin a Biodynamic Garden: Spring Spraying

Stirring the horned manure, “500”.  We begin the growing year with a biodynamic spray sequence: Barrel Compost (BC Prep), Horned Manure (500), Horned Crystal (501), andthen fermented Equisetum tea. This is a kind of awakening sequence, awakening the soil, the vines, the lavender, and the many other plants growing here, as well as our own… Read more »

Waiting on Rain Again

We are waiting on rain again!  Even after last weekend’s six inches, the garden needs watering!  But it is great weather for pruning vines. Ramon is almost 2/3 done and we have not had to spray the biodynamic preparation 501, a solar spray, to insure the pruning wounds do not get infected. Meanwhile, the plum… Read more »