Lavender Hydrosol: A Cosmetic Superstar

Cristin McDonnell has studied Ayurvedic medicine and brings her interest in healing to our work here at Harms Vineyards and Lavender Fields. This is one of a series of her blogs on healing. I tend to get very excited about all of the healing properties and health benefits of lavender, that I take the cosmetic… Read more »

Beauty Transforms

Photo by Lowell Downey, Art and Clarity Beauty Transforms Beauty transforms us, but it is truly a mystery why. Perhaps the apprehension of Beauty is a portal in which we are open to a spiritual dimension that the busyness of our everyday lives has obscured. We get a view of the essence of things, feeling… Read more »

Re-membering Ourselves into the Cycle of the Whole

Re-membering Ourselves into the Cycle of the Whole Each year there is only one time this picture can happen: this (December) time of year, this (late morning) time of day. Each year  I am taken aback when I see the shadow tree sprouting again from the pot. It slows me down! For a few moments balance… Read more »

Lot Number Goatsong 11

Lot Number Goatsong 11 This year 2011 most of the lavender we cut to dry came from field Goatsong, an area between our house and the labyrinth. This lavender grows in thin topsoil and the plants have grown more slowly over the years. But even now, at age 12, they are putting out the long… Read more »