Rose Geranium

Rose Geranium. We distill the leaves. These plants will be distilled in October. The wires will be covered with frost protection throughout the winter.                   Rose Geranium We get two distillations of rose geranium a year, one in the late spring, another in October. We are learning… Read more »

A Win/Win with Juniper Poles

Notice Dasher’s crowbar-like horns.               A Win/Win with Juniper Poles This last week we visited In the Sticks, a north central Oregon sawmill, kiln, and source for juniper poles. Our (dear) goats test the pole structures and fence posts, breaking them off as they weaken. Perhaps they are in… Read more »

Still Distilling!

Lavender from labyrinth awaiting distillation. Still Distilling! It goes on forever, it seems! ¬†Each morning at dawn I see Donald careening down the path in the “mule” with our two labs in the back (I am writing in my studio!) Ramon picks, Donald distills. Each load takes about 2 1/2 hours. Donald getting a little… Read more »