Open House Prep: Goat Gate

Curse: May you be blessed with smart goats!                 Open House Prep: Goat Gate The goats do keep us on our toes! ¬†Last year they broke out of their assigned area during the first Biodynamic tour of our ranch and joined us! As much as I love walking… Read more »

How the Goats Get Ready for the Open House

Wrapping tips of horns with horn tape (obvious reasons!) Having an Open House is a little like having a party in the vineyard and lavender fields. Even the goats have to decide what to wear! To wear a bridle or collar? Come meet the goats, take a Biodynamic tour at our Open House, June 23,… Read more »

Diversity: Fuyu Persimmon

Baby fuyu persimmon. One of the places we will visit on the Biodynamic tours of our ranch on Saturday, June 23, is the orchard our son Jesse planted. Monocropping is a sure way to bring sterility to a ranch; allowing a diversity of native plants to flourish and raising a variety of crops offers food… Read more »

Napa Valley Article on the Ranch this Morning: Purple Haze

One or two calyxes are open on the flower heads, signally it is time to harvest for the dried lavender (so it will not “shatter” in a bouquet.)     This morning two events! ¬†The lavender harvest for the lavender we dry has begun, 6:00 am. This year the dried lot number will be Natalie… Read more »