Healing, the Archetypes, and Patterns of Wholeness

Healing, the Archetypes, and Patterns of Wholeness Carl Jung said healing happens when one is put in right relationship to the archetypes—or patterns of wholeness. All true healing systems incorporate the process of putting the patient back in touch with these patterns. My spiritual teacher, Norma T., whose teachings I discuss much more fully in… Read more »

Making Medicines and New Consciousness

I just returned from a five day seminar/workshop, Alchemical Lab II, Making Medicines, presented by Dennis Klocek and Matias Baker at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. The days were a deepening of the work we began a year ago, a sinking into the task of our time: healing through development of consciousness… Read more »

Redefining Weeds!

Redefining Weeds! We are not complaining, believe me!  April’s cherished 0.7 inch of rain was more than welcome!  However, it did produce more grass and weeds, and again, we are at it: pulling thick-leafed “weeds” from the rose geranium, the bindweed from the lavender, the grasses from between the new plantings we have set out… Read more »

Liminality… and Hope

Liminality is a word that people ask me to repeat twice when I say it, as if they didn’t hear it quite right the first time. As a Jungian analyst, I recognize the liminal state as that of many entering treatment. The old way no longer works, but the new hasn’t materialized. Our Western-European culture… Read more »

Jung, Steiner, and Evolution of Consciousness

A recent seminar on Jung and Steiner and their contributions to an evolution of consciousness, held at the C. G. Jung Institute in San Francisco, was well attended by individuals schooled in both camps. This seems to be happening more and more: finding the common ground of these two men’s great works. Although contemporaries, Carl… Read more »

Jung and Steiner Seminar in San Francisco

On Saturday, October 18, 2014, I will be presenting a seminar at the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco on The Spiritualized Earth, Birth of the New Consciousness: Jung’s Analytical Psychology and Steiner’s Biodynamic Agriculture: What Might Save Us.  Since the Fall, mankind has been separated  from experiencing the Divine in the natural world…. Read more »

Finish Pruning and Rain

Pruned vines and the reminder.     Ramon has finished pruning this morning. He always races himself, and this year is his fastest ever, helped by the lack of rain, for sure!  Over the weekend we got half an inch of rain, which will make it easier for the next stage: tying the pruned canes…. Read more »

Lavender Lessons on Flexibility

One of the old lavender plants just pulled. The new growth is so short that we were unable to harvest it even for distillation this year.     One of the big things you learn in biodynamics is to observe not only what you see but also what you feel as you see it. As… Read more »

Nature’s First Green

This time of year is intensely green in northern California. The hills are verdant, the forest, gold (Nature’s first green…). Psychologist Carl Jung says the alchemical benedicta viriditas, the blessed greenness, is “the sacred immanence of the divine spirit of life in all things”. A walk in the forests or the green hills of Napa… Read more »