Nostalgia and The Other Side of Christmas

Nostalgia and The Other Side of Christmas We left our aging yellow labs alone in the house for two and a half days right after Christmas. Ramon checked on them several times each day, letting them out and feeding them. Why we didn’t think about what they would do, I do not know, considering how they wait, beaver… Read more »

Abundant Life: A Christmas Story

Abundant Life: A Christmas Story This is another reprint of my favorite personal Christmas stories, those stories that remain in my heart this season. My departure from organized religion began when I realized “eternal life” was “abundant life”— spiritually abundant. At the moment of epiphany I was sitting on the stage near the altar of our… Read more »

Battening Down the Hatches

Battening Down the Hatches Goats hate to have their hooves wet and muddy, so we have stone paths which go from the barn to the llama shed, to their lookout posts and rock and log piles. The rain has muddied these paths, and Ramon cleaned them yesterday morning, spreading thick flakes of straw on squishy… Read more »