Protect the Common Good

Protect the Common Good Statement to Planning Commission, County of Napa, November 19, 2015 Thank you for this time of public comment. Not all counties allow this kind of participation by the public. I think it is only through processes which include the public that we are going to come to agreements which protect the… Read more »

Stand Up For the Earth!

Stand Up For the Earth! Donald and I work on sign boards today. We are joining other citizen groups to alert the town and county as to the importance of preserving our watersheds and our Ag Preserve. Degrade them with more tree cutting and clearing and event centers in the middle of pristine forests, and… Read more »

Land Use in the Napa Valley and Consciousness

Land Use in the Napa Valley and Consciousness It is the end of a season and of a year, and we in the Napa Valley are hardly in a sleepy, midwinter’s night space! Land use issues are reaching a boiling point, heated up by the drought and water scarcity, and the decreasing amount of land… Read more »