Crystallization Time: January 15-February 15

Crystallization Time: January 15-February 15 We have entered the crystallization period, January 15 to February 15, that time the fallowness of the earth allows most receptivity to the cosmic forces. It is also a time I use intention to be receptive to forces within myself as well as spiritual forces without. In our fast moving… Read more »

Drought as Consultant

Drain line into lower pond—waiting. Drought as Consultant We have had no measurable rainfall since December 7, and only 2.3 inches in so far this season. It is easy to feel anxious. Our ponds are effectively empty (the heron still fishes for Ramon’s fish in the larger pond, but he can stand at any place… Read more »

End of Crystallization Period Today, and Morning Meditators.

A hawk’s glimpse of Heaven on Earth.   End of Crystallization Period Today, and Morning Meditators. Sunny Morning. You can feel spring pushing. Ramon finished tying the canes the day before yesterday, six weeks to the day that he began pruning. He says the buds are developing little hairs and preparing to open. Meanwhile a… Read more »

Casual Browsing

Boey                 Casual Browsing Yes, she is a casual bowser, meditating in her own way on sunlight turned leaf— a great exercise, it turns out, for this Crystallization period ending February 15, and particularly if you are a goat!

Imbolic Thoughts

Imbolic Thoughts Two weeks into this time called crystallization period, when the earth’s ear turns to cosmic whispers. I’ll be honest: winter goes too quickly for me. I always think there will be more time for rest, reflection. But we’ve gained more than an hour of light since the solstice and although the sun’s last… Read more »

Beginning of Crystallization Period, January 15 to February 15.

Vineyard Floor in January. Beginning of Crystallization Period, January 15 to February 15. Do the crystals we call frost transmit information to the earth (like crystal receivers) this Crystallization Period, January 15 to February 15? This is the time Rudolf Steiner said the earth was most receptive to the forces of the cosmos. As earth,… Read more »

Pruning and Winter Light

Frosty Fallowness in January                     Pruning and Winter Light January into February is about cutting back old wood. Nevertheless, wings of light unfold, if you let them, and carry you through quiet fallowness. Although we are into the fallow period and do almost no Biodynamic spraying… Read more »

Crystallization Period: More reading!

One more week of the crystallization period, this quiet, dormant time when our psyches and the earth open to larger energies. More suggested reading (a little like studying seed catalogues!): C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections. Jung’s “so-called” autobiography, edited. Still, a great read, and a real introduction to his life and work. Gary Lachman,  Rudolf Steiner:… Read more »

Crystallization Period, Week Three: Musings

The moon is full tomorrow, February 7. Do you remember a time we always knew the phase of the moon and could read the passings of the clouds like e-mails from the gods? Being receptive to the cosmos opens our psyches to knowledge that our shared consensual state of consciousness, as it is often called,… Read more »


Crystallization In biodynamics the period from January 15 to February 15 is called the Crystallization Period, that time when the earth is fallow and most receptive to the energies of the cosmos. It is said that any application applied at this time will do nothing until after February 15, so it truly is a period… Read more »