August: The Fifth Season

August: The Fifth Season In California, August is a kind of fallow month. The following excerpt fromĀ Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation tells why: Ash and the Fifth Season In the Mediterranean-like climate of the Napa Valley, there is a period of summer dormancy that has is often called the fifth season. The grasses are… Read more »

Forest Walk

Forest Walk (and dreaming in August of rain) The sound of the breeze in the bay leaves is like water flowing over rocks. The forest is a story of earth becoming water becoming air, (oh, not fire!) earth to spirit; spirit to earth. To listenĀ is to feel these gestures, like this cycle we live each… Read more »

The Good News and the Bad News

The Good News and the Bad News   First the Good News: We returned from three weeks away to find the vines with forearm length canes and fully formed grape clusters (Chardonnay, not yet bloomed). The vines have loved the spring rains! They were just unfolding tiny first leaves at the time we left for… Read more »