Lavender Harvest: Distillation

Lavender Harvest: Distillation The moon is in Aquarius, an air (and flower) sign, and an ideal time to begin the lavender harvest for distillation. We will harvest and distill almost everyday over these next two to three weeks. The bees tell us the flowers are ready, the fields really abuzz!

Bog Candle

Bog Candle One of the last in the spring wildflower series, the bog candle is just finishing its bloom on the edge of the forest. The first time I saw it, I marveled at its delicate beauty.  Then suddenly, I saw it everywhere! An orchid,  it blooms on our ranch in June into early July…. Read more »

Nature’s First Green is Gone! —or Farewell-to-Spring

Clarkia, or Farewell-to-spring. I always have a sadness when this little flower blooms. Clarkia, or Farewell-to-spring, means that the succession of wildflowers is almost over. Of course, the farming harvest has only begun!  The lavender will be cut very soon for drying, the garden is coming on. In July when the lavender is more fully… Read more »

Full Bloom Only Eight Weeks Away?

Lavender is still in its wintering mounds, just beginning to send up growth. Yesterday a friend said, “It’s only eight weeks until your Open House!” Yikes!  I thought. This time of year I always go through the same anxiety: will the lavender be in bloom for the Open House? Right now it is just beginning… Read more »