Uninvited Guests (Pests!)

Uninvited Guests (Pests!) When I first started writing The Uninvited Guest: Fire and the New Consciousness, I was thinking about fire. Collectively we banned it from our environment over the last 100 years and now it threatens to return with a vengeance. In this fifth year of severe drought in the West, we are being warned… Read more »

Goats Help Prevent European Grapevine Moth

 Goats Help Prevent European Grapevine Moth According to the biologist at the Napa County Agricultural Commissioners’ Office, the efforts to stop the spread of the European Grapevine Moth with mating disruptors are working. Only 77 male moths were trapped this season in contrast to 111 male moths a year ago and 100,000 male moths two years… Read more »