Valerian and Frost

Burrrrrr!!!!! (Okay,  I know, some of you are much colder! But we Mediterranean climate people aren’t used to frost!)     When you need gloves to walk the goats in the morning, and when the grass sparkles at sunrise like stars, you seriously consider spraying Valerian on tender young plants, if you didn’t the evening… Read more »

Zipping up for Winter

Frost cloth stays on all winter, transmitting 70% of the light as well as the rain and allowing several degrees of frost protection.   Goats have to be watched with the tender new plants (which you can just see in the mulching straw.) They love tender green almost anything!     This season is always more… Read more »

Winter Work

Winter Work Our vineyard has huge caterpillars at work these days: our winter project to protect the rose geranium and lavender plantings during frosty nights. There are certain places the cold air accumulates, freezing the frost vulnerable rose geranium and some lavender, and it is in these places we stretch agribon over wire supports, which… Read more »